ClickStream HeyPal(TM) App Surpasses 1 Million Downloads in First Eight Months

ClickStream HeyPal(TM) App Surpasses 1 Million Downloads in First Eight Months

Fast-Growing Social Language Learning Platform Rises to 230,000 Monthly Active Users

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 15, 2022 / ClickStream Corp. (OTC PINK:CLIS), a technology company focused on developing apps and digital platforms that disrupt conventional industries, announced today that its social language learning app HeyPal™ – developed by subsidiary Nebula Software Corp. – has surpassed 1 million downloads since launching less than eight months ago.

LogoDescription automatically generatedMonthly active users (the number of unique users who visited the app within the past month) rose above 230,000 for the first time, and the total number of messages exchanged on the app soared over 8 million.

“The rapid growth of HeyPal has exceeded even our most ambitious estimates, and we are just getting started,” said Jonathan Maxim, CEO of HeyPal™. “The app’s focus on ‘language exchanging’ between users around the world gives these users – in particular digital native Millennials and Gen Zers – an essential tool they felt they were missing from traditional online language learning: practicing with other people. One interesting finding from our internal data is that our most active users are millennial entrepreneurs.”

Since launching in June 2021, HeyPal™ has risen to 535,000 downloads on iOS. The Android version of HeyPal™, which debuted in November, is already above 474,000 downloads and continuing to expand rapidly.

In February, HeyPal™ is planning to launch several innovative new features to make its language learning experience even more robust for users. They include Premium Memberships, which provide special access to the app’s most desirable features including unlimited chats and translations; PenPal, which uses an algorithm to match users; and Suggestive Messaging, a new predictive feature that allows language learners to kick start conversations with a single tap.

“The new app features we are introducing shortly will make HeyPal™’s social language learning experience even more robust and easier for users to connect with people from all over the world, no matter what their native language may be,” Maxim said.

The HeyPal™ app incorporates a number of additional features that actively engage Android and iOS users while enhancing their overall experience, including algorithms that allow users to build their social profiles to increase global followers, the ability to upload fun and engaging videos as a form of communication, interactive chats, and social posts that allow people to communicate with native speakers in real-time or post on boards specific to different languages.


ClickStream is a technology company focused on developing apps and digital platforms that disrupt conventional industries. The company is currently marketing and developing WinQuik™, HeyPal™, Nifter™ and Joey’s Animal Kingdom™ respectively. For more information, please visit ClickStream online and follow ClickStream on social media: Twitter and Instagram.

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HeyPal™ , by way of ClickStream subsidiary Nebula Software Corp., is a language learning app that focuses on “language exchanging” between users around the world. For more information, please visit HeyPal™ online and follow HeyPal™ on social media: Twitter and Instagram.

Nifter™ , by way of ClickStream subsidiary Rebel Blockchain Inc., is a music NFT marketplace that allows artists to create, sell and discover unique music and sound NFTs on the Nifter™ marketplace. For more information, please visit Nifter™ online and follow Nifter™ on social media: Twitter and Instagram.

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